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Student Testimonials

Charlie Clayton, a student at Construction Training South West

All the schools I attended in Plymouth, I found it hard to settle. Most of them I was expelled from and didn't have any encouragement from anyone to help me with my education apart from my parents.
Since joining Construction Training South West at the age of fourteen, I started to enjoy working with me hands, training to be a bricklayer. With constant encouragement and tutoring from Mike I started to enjoy my training and the theory work that came with it.
After two years of attending my college I have now got an apprenticeship, with an old student Liam Quick. I am really enjoying my apprenticeship and working on my functional skills.
I would like to thank Construction Training South West for this opportunity and encouraging me to take up my trade of bricklaying and for finding me an employer so I am able to complete my apprenticeship to get my qualification.

Thank you, Charlie Clayton

Parent and Guardian's thoughts

Joanne Louise Elliott
5 star Brilliant staff so helpful and amazing with the kids such a
wonderful place and idea can't thank and rate this highly enough.