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Student Grievance & Complaints Procedure




CTSW Skills Ltd/1st Leap Training has specific procedures for learners to follow should they feel they have a grievance and complaint that is not covered by the appeals procedure.


If learners feel that they are not being treated fairly, they should follow the steps below:

Step 1

Contact your tutor/assessor who will arrange and discuss the issue with you and your team manager. Facts must be analysed, and solution agreed at this meeting. The assessor will also be able to put you into contact with other sources of help and advice, if needed.

All details concerning the discussion must be recorded on the progress report or separately, where required, to maintain confidentiality.

Step 2

Should the complaint be against the tutor/assessor (but not related to assessment), you or your team manager should contact the Centre Manager.

Step 3 

The Centre Manager will arrange a meeting with you to resolve the complaint/grievance.

Step 4 

You have the right to complain to the Learning and Skills council if you feel the complaint has not been resolved successfully (www.lsc.org.uk)

Step 5

All investigations will be recorded in writing and retained in CTSW Skills Ltd/1st Leap Training Administrators Personnel file. At all times, information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be provided to other people with your permission.




Contact your assessor to arrange a meeting to discuss the complaint or grievance.

Contact the Centre Manger if your complaint is about your assessor.

A meeting will be arranged for you to discuss the problem in detail and you will be given advice and guidance for other support agencies where necessary.

Issues will be recorded in writing and discussions will attempt to resolve your complaint.

Should issues not be resolved you have the right to contact the LSC.

Records will be maintained by CTSW Skills Ltd/1st Leap Training detailing the nature of the complaint and actions taken to resolve them. Copies are retained in the Administrator’s Personnel file.