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Equality Policy

Policy Scope

CTSW Skills Ltd values the variety of different views, outlooks and approaches that a diverse workforce / learner group brings.  Through our work we will continue to review our engagement with, and commitment to, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion by reviewing our policies, procedures and ways of working to ensure that all are able to access our learning provision.


Policy Aims

We will support individuals to access a broad range of learning and development opportunities within a variety of vocational (and non-vocational) learning sectors.  Where possible we will encourage each and every individual to access qualification based opportunities to ensure they are able to maximise their ability to engage in, and achieve qualifications supporting them to progress in their specific area of interest.


We are committed to fully engaging in the economic, cultural and social aspects of life both locally, regionally and nationally and will support our learners and employees to do the same through our ongoing development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of an inclusive learning service accessible to all.


We are aware that people (either individually or as part of a group) can be disadvantaged or discriminated against within employment, education and training for a number of unacceptable and baseless reasons.  We are committed to ensuring a learning, and work, environment that is free from harassment and bullying of any description, or any other form of unwanted behaviour which may come from other employees or third parties.  We will achieve this through providing an open, accessible, safe and supportive environment which fully includes all to provide a place of work or study that recognises and values the participation of all learners, employees, customers and clients.


This policy will be reviewed by representatives from each sector of the organisation through team management meetings.  Learning linked to this policy will be identified through our self-assessment process and included within the quality improvement plan.   


Areas to be reviewed will include:

  • How effective, and free from prejudice, recruitment and employee progression takes place

  • How supportive are our working and learning environments and do they promote a sense of belonging

  • Is the promoted curriculum offering opportunities for all

  • Are learners aware, and understanding, of life within our diverse community

  • Zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment of employees and learners, and how effective are proactive and reactive measures of prevention

  • Take-up, relevance and impact of staff training


Updates will be disseminated to all through in-company updates.  All staff will also receive updates through annual development events.  All learners will be able to receive key information about this, and other relevant information, through the following: enrolment, induction and learner information pack.


CTSW Skills Ltd recognises and values people’s differences and will assist them to use their talents to reach their full potential.  We will ensure that all potential and current employees/learners do not receive less favourable treatment or could be disadvantaged by requirements or conditions, which cannot be shown to be justifiable.  


This means that all of our selection, recruitment, training, employment and promotion practices will be subject to regular review to ensure compliance with equality legislation whilst also demonstrating our commitment to treating people equally and fairly.

We also confirm that we are unreservedly opposed to any form of discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation (defined as Protected Characteristics, Equality Act 2010). 


Everyone has the right to be free from discrimination because they associate with another person who possesses a Protected Characteristic or because others perceive that they have a particular Protected Characteristic, even if they do not.  This policy applies to everyone who has either direct or indirect contact with CTSW Training/1st Leap Training.


Our core values also include:

  • That everyone has the right to be supported to achieve their potential (both employees and learners) irrespective of starting point

  • We all respect and protect each individual’s human rights

  • We all promote dignity and respect whilst ensuring that we value each person as evidenced in our words, actions and behaviours

  • Every individual has the right to participate in society and each person adds value

  • We will provide opportunities for all regardless of; age; disability; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; proposed, commenced or completed gender reassignment, race; religion or belief, sex; sexual orientation and all other aspects of diversity (including, but not limited to) learning difficulties.


Users of our Service

We will make our services accessible by assessing the needs of individuals by inviting them to provide information so far as is relevant to their needs.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Considering formats for promotional material 

  • Appropriate use of language/ formats / fonts/ size

  • Considering whether information should be available in alternative formats e.g. easy read /other languages

  • Considering locations where the organisation’s services are promoted /advertised (these could be named)

  • Considering accessibility of locations from which the service is provided

  • Considering the diverse make up of our staff/ volunteers in relation to service needs

  • Considering the impact of proposed new services on the user group



Employees have a duty to act within this policy, ensure it is followed and to draw attention to any suspected discriminatory acts or practices.

Responsibility for promoting awareness of this policy and monitoring that it is being followed rests with all employees; including those not directly involved with supporting learners /employees.  

Breaches of this policy will be dealt with by the relevant processes as stipulated within the employing organisation’s policy for disciplinary action including, but not limited to, dismissal.   




CTSW Skills Ltd representatives are responsible for ensuring that this policy is shared and implemented throughout all activities, and the impact of this policy will be reviewed through a variety of mechanisms including but not limited to observation of teaching, learning and assessment practices, learner/employee/client feedback and learner interviews.


All employees will be expected to attend all allocated development opportunities as this will also include supporting employees to access relevant training on the Prevent duty and how this is embedded into Safeguarding.  Alternate arrangements will be in place to ensure that opportunities for employee training are not missed.

Learner data will be collated and shared with relevant organisations (ESFA/Schools) and will be used for monitoring and planning purposes in accordance with contractual requirements.


For all employees we will ensure that the use of selection criteria does not unlawfully discriminate in recruitment and promotion procedures and there will be clear and transparent procedures to support opportunities for recruitment, training, promotion or transfer of employees or volunteers.  

We will also ensure that every individual is assessed according to their personal capability to carry out a given job/role and also ensure equality of opportunity and non-discrimination in the operation of all grievance and disciplinary procedures.

We will also ensure that we continue to promote the concept of lifelong learning for all employees, learners and volunteers.



All learners seeking to enrol onto a programme of learning will be able to access effective information, advice and guidance (IAG) ensuring that they are presented with easily accessible information.

The information we provide will clearly highlight the entry criteria required for each apprenticeship standard alongside information relating to the required eligibility assessment for the identified programme.

Prior to enrolment, we will support each learner to review their previously achieved qualifications, achievements and experience to support Recognition of Prior Learning / Achievement (RPL).

If at any time an apprentice/learner/potential apprentice/learner identifies that assistance is required, then they will be encouraged to share this with CTSW Skills Ltd so that we are able to make the necessary arrangements or adjustments.  Where additional support is required during the programme of learning, this can be indicated on the enrolment form or discussed with a member of staff involved with the programme who will update the learner’s records accordingly.  Reasonable adjustments will be recorded within the individual learner file and shared with the relevant employees with the organisation and with the EPAO’s/AO’s, to ensure full support is provided.

During the induction process all apprentices will be provided with an overview of equality, diversity and inclusion in practice and what this means for them.  

For all apprentices/learners, we will ensure that clear and transparent eligibility criteria support the promotion of opportunities for all education and learning opportunities.


Reporting Procedure

Any employee who feels that they have suffered any form of discrimination should raise the issue using the Grievance Procedure as listed within the Employee Handbook provided by Bright HR

All apprentices/learners should follow the procedure provided to them during their enrolment/induction process.  Alternatively, please call (01752) 782046 and state that you are ‘reporting a concern’ and your concerns will be noted by a member of the admin team who will then ensure that the concern is escalated to the appropriate person. 


Data Monitoring

Through data collection and performance monitoring data we will review our learner enrolments / retention / achievement / success by sector, to determine the diversity of our learner groups.  We will then set targets to identify how we can increase learner diversity from under-represented groups.  This will be identified within our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) and reviewed, at least, each quarter by our partnership management team.



This policy will be reviewed annually or earlier if legislation and/or work practice requires it, to ensure that the policy remains up to date and reflects the needs and practices of the organisation.