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Policies & Procedures

Equality & Diversity Policy



CTSW Skills/1st Leap Training believes that fairness and equality of opportunity are a fundamental human right for all. The Company wholeheartedly supports the principles of equal opportunity and diversity for all its employees and learners on learning programmes.

We value diversity and will:

• Aim to create a workforce with a broad range of characteristics reflecting our diverse customer base and the communities within which we operate.

• Establish a work environment free from any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying and Victimisation.

 • Ensure that all applicants, employees, learners and all third parties are treated fairly and with equality of opportunity, irrespective of, but not limited to, their culture, race, colour, nationality, religion or beliefs, ethnic or national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, transsexualism, disability, unrelated criminal convictions, marital or parental status and membership of an affiliated trade union.

• Appoint, train, develop, promote and reward all individuals fairly and objectively on the basis of their skills, aptitudes and abilities.

• Increase equality and diversity awareness and promotion through ongoing development for all staff, learners and employers.

• Source and provide the most appropriate and unbiased information, advice and guidance on a wide range of career and welfare topics or issues to help staff, learners and employers.

• Seek the opinions of our employees, learners and all third parties on the development and performances of equality and diversity initiatives to ensure they effectively meet everyone's needs.

• Evaluate the positive benefits of diversity by monitoring the composition of our workforce and learner group and by measuring the impact of our recruitment and selection initiatives.


• Comply with UK and European legislation and Codes of Practice.


• Take disciplinary action against any employee who is found to have committed an act of either unlawful discrimination or contravened ‘the named company’s’ Training Equality and Diversity Policy any learner or employer who fails to observe this policy will be terminated from the learning programme.

• Provide ‘the named company’s’ Training with an active Equality, Diversity and Welfare Group whose aim is:


To continually develop and embed ‘the named company’s’ Training Equality and Diversity strategy by providing a forum or representation that can analyse, discuss and act on any equality and diversity issues related to employees, learners, employers, and other third parties.