The purpose of this policy is to promote open and transparent communications for all employees, learners, clients and other stakeholders accessing services provided by the organisation. The scope for a complaint to be made is for the following stakeholders:

• Learners

• Parents

• Authorised representatives of the learners

• Employers

All complaints will be treated sensitively and in confidence without undue fear of reprisal or repercussion. We will work to instil a culture through which all learners, employees, clients and customers feel confident to make a complaint where they have any perceived grievance.

The senior team will give due consideration to any aspects of confidentiality and sensitivity associated with any complaint in determining how any investigation will be conducted, with the wellbeing and safeguarding of learners always being paramount. Where the complaint relates in any way to a safeguarding issue, our Safeguarding Lead will be consulted in terms of the most appropriate way to proceed. Where appropriate/ necessary the complainant’s anonymity will be reasonably protected.

Where any personal and/or sensitive data is obtained in the course of any investigation, it will be securely stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

Our aim is to welcome all feedback so that together we can improve our services through actively listening, and responding, to the views of all individuals served by CTSW Skills Ltd.

Concerns and Complaints – Process

Stage 1

Informal Resolution

· Any individual with a concern or complaint is invited to discuss the matter with their tutor / assessor in the first instance. All tutors/assessors are aware of this policy and procedure and will be able to provide appropriate guidance on how to proceed

· If you are not satisfied with the outcome provided following the discussion with your tutor / assessor then you may wish to proceed to stage 2.


Stage 2

Formal Written Complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome provided at Stage 1 or you would prefer not to discuss the matter first with your tutor/assessor then you should contact the Centre Quality Manager using one of the methods below:



Email with either Concern, Complaint or Compliment within the Subject Field

Telephone 01752 782046 and ask to be directed to Anne Willis (CQM)

Send a letter to, Anne Willis (CQM) CTSW Skills Ltd Unit 10, Burrington Business Park, Plymouth PL5 3LX


· Once we have received your concern/complaint, we will acknowledge receipt of this within 3 working days* (* working days relates to usual working days from Monday through to Friday, excluding weekends, Public Holidays and office closure days).

· Correspondence will be shared with the manager/director responsible and a full investigation will take place.

· The Centre Quality Manager will normally reply to the complainant within 10 working days from the acknowledgement of their feedback. This response will outline the outcomes of the investigation. Complainants should be aware that CTSW Skills Ltd may not be able to provide full details of the investigation or outcomes because of either the Data Protection Act (2018) / General Data Protection Regulations (2018) if the complaint relates to a third party. If the complaint does involve a third party then a limited response will be provided. If we are unable to provide a full or limited reply within the working days due to detailed enquiries still taking place then CTSW Skills Ltd will issue an interim response explaining what is being done to deal with the issue and when the complainant can expect to receive an appropriate response. Where a concern / complaint is not upheld, reasons will be given as to why this is so.

· Some concerns / complaints may benefit from a panel approach to try and manage / resolve issues more promptly. This approach will be used if multiple issues have been raised or the potential feedback is complex. Where a panel approach is advised, concerns / complaints will be placed on hold for up to 20 working days *, to allow suitable and sufficient time for meetings to be held. Further examples of where a panel approach may be used are as follows:

If the concern is about a member of staff and has the potential to lead to Staff Disciplinary or Capability Procedures then HR may take the lead on the investigation

· If the concern is linked to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion then the Director will take the lead

· If the concern is linked to Safeguarding; then our Safeguarding Lead (Hazel Morley-Trapnell) will liaise with the relevant bodies.

· If the concern / complaint is related to assessment processes or outcomes then the matter will run in tandem with the Appeals Procedure, where appropriate.

· Usually the subject of the concern / complaint has the right to know what is being claimed and by who. There are occasional exceptions to this rule; usually where there are valid concerns about personal safety.

· Where feedback is put in writing a copy will be supplied to the person who is the subject of the concern.



All employees are under an obligation not to allow feedback by a learner to have any impact on the way that the learner is treated, marked or assessed.


Stage 3

Referral for Formal Review

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome noted in the response letter they should write to Mandy Davey (Director), within 10 working days, from the date of the letter received indicating why they are dissatisfied with the response. Closure will not be reversed if we receive a response after this time.

· Receipt of your ‘Referral for Formal Review’ will be issued within 5 working days and the Training Director will respond within 10 working days after carrying out their own investigation

· If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome noted in the response letter from the Training Director, they should appeal the decision in writing to the company Directors within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the letter

· If the issue relates to one of the people outlined in this process it will be dealt with by another person of equal or greater status assigned by their direct Line-Manager


Stage 4

Referral to External Organisations

Where a complaint has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant after all internal stages have been followed, they should contact the Education and Skills Funding Agency (Apprenticeship programmes only). All learners also have the right to take their complaint to the relevant awarding organisation within 10 days. CTSW Skills Ltd will support the learner with this process.

Information Sharing and Reporting

Anonymised summary information is monitored by the Director and reviewed at least annually. All Equality and Diversity data collected from the complainants is optional and this is used for monitoring purposes.

Recording a Complaint

Complaints received are logged onto a central complaints log. The reason for the complaint and all progress made during the life of a complaint is recorded on the log until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant or to a point at which CTSW Ltd can reasonably be expected to do no more. Complaint’s data is collated for analysis by the senior management team in order to make educated decisions to prevent further issues.

Compliments Process


If you would like to share information on how well things are going or you have suggestions as to how we can improve things; please let us know your thoughts by emailing or by calling 01752 782046. We will acknowledge your feedback within 5 working days and your compliment /

comment will be passed onto the relevant people.

Bribery and Anti-Corruption

CTSW Skills Ltd recognises the importance of maintaining its reputation and is committed to the prevention of bribery and all forms of corruption. We operate a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and any allegations of bribery or other forms of corruption by an employee will be taken seriously. Such complaints will be dealt with in accordance with our Anti-Fraud Policy which may result in Disciplinary Procedures being invoked and the matter reported to the relevant authorities as appropriate.


All complaints will be treated seriously, handled sensitively and with due consideration to all parties involved. In line with our equal opportunities policy, all complainants will be treated fairly and not suffer any recrimination or disadvantage as a result of making a complaint. Any person named in a complaint, however, will be informed and have a right of reply as part of the investigative process.