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Channel Reporting Procedure


If you believe that someone is vulnerable to being exploited or radicalised please use the CTSW Skills Ltd referral procedures to escalate concerns to the appropriate person who will make a referral to Channel as required.

Record the information on the relevant CTSW Skills Ltd Prevent form and report to your Prevent Lead AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The Prevent Lead will then discuss the concern with you and decide whether to refer to Channel.

Immediate Risk


Contact Safeguarding Rep and /or Police (local counter terrorism unit)

Risk recognised


Contact Prevent Lead and / or DfE helpline (details below).

Please ensure that the Prevent Lead is notified of any concerns

reported to the DfE helpline.

Checking process


Prevent Lead will refer to Channel and report to Directors via the internal notification process

Referrer decision

The referrer will be informed by Channel as to whether the case will be pursued through Prevent.

Referral to Channel via the local authority Prevent co-ordinator

ANYONE can make a referral to Channel.

  • Channel is an early intervention process which will gather information to determine whether there is a specific risk of radicalisation and whether the threat is malicious.


  • The local authority Prevent Co-ordinator and the police Channel Co-ordinator will identify the type of support required and refer to a Multi-Agency Channel Panel.


  • A Multi-Agency Channel Panel is made up of external agencies based around the persons vulnerabilities; health, employment, housing, education, etc who will arrange for tailored support approved through the Channel intervention to be implemented.


The Department for Education has launched a helpline for anyone concerned about a child who may be at risk of extremism, or about extremism within an organisation working with children and young people. 

Email: counter.extremism@education.gsi.gov.uk

Telephone: 020 7340 7264