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Site Carpentry
CSkills Level 2 Diploma in Site Carpentry
The course will cover

This course will build upon the basic knowledge and give you an understanding of the construction industry in site carpentry.

You will gain knowledge:
• In health and safety
• Of technical information, quantities and communication with others
• On construction technology

You will carry out:
• First fixing operations
• Maintenance to non-structural carpentry work
• Second fixing operations
• Structural carcassing operations
• Prepare and use carpentry and joinery power tools

How will I learn?
The course has 8 units and both practical and theoretical content.
Practical projects will be set and both you and your tutor will be involved in the marking through self-assessment. You will be able to make good progress at your own pace. Typical learning activities include the setting up, maintenance and operation of a range of power tools, hanging a door in a stud partition, and erecting a roof.

Entry Requirements:
Completion of level 1 Diploma or Knowledge and experience
in the construction industry.
The course runs over two days a week Duration 1 year

What's next?
Level 3 Diploma
Apprenticeship or employment.