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Policies & Procedures

Academic Appeals Procedure

Appeals against Assessment Decisions


You have the right to appeal against an assessment made by centre staff (internal assessment) by discussing your case with the assessor/trainer within 10 days of the grade being received.  If not resolved, a formal complaint can be made to the Lead Internal Verifier (Mark Bragg) within 10 days of the informal procedure being exhausted.



1. This procedure applies to all assessments made by centre staff which contribute to a final mark or grade for an awarding body, or which provide evidence for a competence-based qualification. 


2. A student may appeal against an assessment decision when s/he feels that:

  • the mark or grade does not represent the standard of the work

  • an administrative error has been made

  • there has been a failure to comply with assessment procedures


3. Students will be informed of the existence of an appeals procedure through the student handbook and the induction programme.


4. Copies of the procedures and the forms for academic appeals are available from the reception desk and Personal Tutors.  Advice on whether there are grounds for an appeal and on completing the form will be available from the Centre manager.


5. This procedure does not over-ride any awarding body procedures.


Section 1:  Appeals against Assessment Decisions


1. In the first instance, if a student is dissatisfied with an assessment decision, s/he should approach the assessor/trainer and explain why s/he is dissatisfied and explain what action s/he wishes to be taken. The assessor/trainer may ask for a second opinion from a second assessor/trainer.


2. If the dispute cannot be resolved at an informal level, s/he should

Obtain a copy of the Academic Appeals Form ACAP1 from the reception or course tutor and return the completed Form ACAP 1 to the Lead Internal Verifier (Mark Bragg) within ten working days of receiving the original assessment decision.

3. The Lead Internal Verifier will carefully consider the evidence and can decide that:

  • the original assessment decision stands

  • the original assessment decision is regraded

  • the student resubmits the work or resits the assessment

  • a review of assessment procedures is required.



4. The Centre Lead Internal Verifier may seek advice from the awarding body. 


5. The decision of the Centre Lead Internal Verifier is final within the centre.  The student may appeal directly to the awarding body.